Introducing You to the World of Plumbing

This website is aimed at the home owners who want to carry out the majority of their own plumbing but lack the knowledge and indeed, confidence to do so. This website will stay clear from promoting products or pushing marketing material for companies or organisations. It is here, solely to supply knowledge to those who want to learn. There are many companies in my home town of Liverpool who think nothing of promoting their products online, through financial incentives supplied to bloggers.

Plumbing Supplies

This website will act as your guide to tools and techniques needed for home plumbing and many other plumbing jobs you may encounter in day to day life, including the fitting of central heating systems. Plumbing clearly involves a number of skills, but since lead is no longer used and most fittings can be easily assembled and pushed together, it has become a lot easier to take on this kind of work. The growth of online suppliers, and of DIY superstores that stock every tool, material and fitting imaginable, buying has become a lot less daunting for the DIY enthusiast. Make no bones about it, plumbing can be physically very demanding. But at the same time, many tasks require a certain degree of precision, with the occasional bit of brawn, such as untightening tough nuts, making holes in masonry materials or basic demolition.

heating system

There will be a series of articles on this website, with the first few articles focused on the tools required to do the jobs at hand. Also the materials and fixtures required to complete these tasks in a successful manner. The articles after that will focus on the four main systems within a house:

  • Cold water supply.
  • Hot water supply.
  • Wastes
  • Rainwater disposal.

The jobs necessary to maintain or replace each one of these systems will be covered, with step-by-step guidelines supplied where possible. Following that I will go from room to room, looking at the different plumbing jobs associated with each room. Some rooms, such as the kitchen or bathroom, require more attention than others. I will also venture outside the house, into the garden and look at when needs to be addressed from a plumbing standpoint in that area of the homestead.

This website will give an extensive amount of information that you will most likely not find on other DIY websites. I will also talk more about me and my humble beginnings in Merseyside and how I went on to become an expert plumber.