What I’m All About!!

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I’m, what you might call a plumbing and central heating enthusiast. I’ve been a professional plumber for 25 years and I’ve pretty much done it all in terms of central heating jobs. I’m originally from Dublin but I moved to Texas when I was 18 and stayed there for almost 10 years before moving to England and a city called Liverpool. Merseyside has been my home now ever since and I will probably see out my days here.

I completed my education at Dublin’s premier further education college and I’ve been working in the industry since then. When I’m not practising my trade, I’m on here blogging about jobs I’ve completed and job’s I plan to do in the future. I don’t really have many interests outside the world plumbing, unless you count football. I’m a huge Arsenal fan. Go the Gunners!

I’ve always wanted to be able to help people anyway that I can and I’ve learnt along time ago, that I have a natural talent for DIY. I therefor would like to share my vast knowledge on this subject with all of you and that is precisely what this blog is for. It helps me reach out to the Internet community and assist them out of any difficulties they may have gotten themselves into.